One of Townhouse Investment principles is, to secure the project in financing point of view, from the beginning until the end of the construction. The funding of the complete project is 100% fixed, as a consequence uninterrupted construction works are guaranteed.


Townhouse Investments goes one step ahead and also secures the apartment buyer in the best possible way.


The investor´s 500% for the project:

  • 100% funding guaranteed!

The project is completely financed by the investor and its bank partner.


  • 100% finishing of the project guaranteed!

Due to the complete funding, the project will be finished independently of any pre-sales.

  • 100% security through deposit account!

All payments will be placed on a special deposit account at the bank.

  • 100% security through installment payment!

Apartment buyers will pay in installments according the construction progress.


  • 100% support in financing!

Investor fully supports apartment buyers and the bank offers financing for the apartment.


  • Bank

The bank is our valuable partner in financing and supporting this project.