“Only great locations within the best areas of Belgrade are good enough for our clients!”

Branicevska 18

The Project is located in the municipality Vracar, Belgrade. Vracar has a surface of ca. 3 km2 with ca. 60.000 inhabitants.


Well none parts of Vracar are Neimar (where our location is), Red Cross, Grantovac, Cvetni Trg, Hram, Slavija, etc. These are all small town parts, neighborhoods or quarts, and each is different from the other, but they all together are one cohesive unit.

Vracar is famous for its unique soul, given by the inhabitants, cafes, theatres, parks, alleys, streets and boulevards.


Geographical position:

  • 44° 47' 36.19'' north latitude (44,7933865)

  • 20° 28' 8.20'' east longitude (20,4689454)

  • 111 m above sea level


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