Townhouse Investment is giving a big attention on the quality of the objects, in terms of materials but also in terms of the performed works. From the permit planning over the detail design, from the main idea to the onsite solutions, all elements are chosen to fulfil quality, environmental and long-lasting requirements.

For more detailed information please download the booklet for technical specification:


The complete construction matches the high requirements regarding:

  • Quality of material

The material quality has to fulfil all necessary quality requirements and standards!

  • Quality of works

All works are described in detail and are constantly controlled and monitored!


  • Low operational costs

Target is to lower the operational costs as much as possible!

  • Securty

All our objects are fulfilling also necessary standards in terms of security!


  • Thermal and sound insulation

A special focus lies on the proper thermal and sound insulation of the object!


  • Environmental protection

The environmental protection is a constant companion throughout the whole project!

Used systems, materials and equipment


Reinforced concrete walls and foundation slab, waterproofed

Slabs between floors

Reinforced concrete

Inside walls


Partition walls to staircase

Reinforced concrete

Outside walls

Reinforced concrete and brickworks

Electrical system

High quality electrical cabling with main switchboard

Lighting cabling, plugs and switches foreseen according planning

Low voltage

Interphone to main door

Cameras to main door and garage door

TV/Internet cabling and connection in all main rooms


Composite thermal insulation system with mineral wool and special high resistant outside finishing

Partially the outer surface is covered with stone (travertino) as decorative element


Top-quality windows with aluminum frames and double-glazed insulation glasses

All main windows with electric aluminum shutters and at least one window per room with mosquito net

Apartment entrance door

Security door with special fixing into the walls/floors and security locking system, veneered oak on both sides

Wooden flooring

Prefabricated, natural oak parquet

Wooden decking

Balconies with (wooden/plastic) composite decking


High quality granite ceramic tiles on floors (bathrooms, kitchen, storage rooms, entrance areas) and walls (bathroom, partially kitchen)

Sanitary ware

Wall-hanging ceramic toilets with a built-in water cisterns

Wall-hanging ceramic sinks and metal basin mixers (one-hand)

Shower-partitions from glass with metal mixers, hand- and head shower

Internal doors

High quality MDF doors painted with polyurethane paint

Heating system/Air conditioning/Hot water

Air-water heat-pump system with separate outside unit for every apartment

High quality, modern radiators in all rooms and towel dryers in the bathrooms

Radiators have fan-coil function for cooling

Steering electronically for every room separately

Heat-pump is providing hot water to central boiler


Flat roof design, impassable, with thermal and hydro insulation, UV and weather resistance

Attic covered with thin metal

Hydro insulation

Installation of waterproofing in bathroom, toilets, technical rooms and garages


All inside walls (which are not covered with tiles) and ceilings are plastered (lime-gypsum, lime-cement) and painted white



Electrical elevator from garage to penthouse


Walls plastered and painted

Flooring with granite tiles

Steal fence


Garage door

Electrical segment door